Liability Coverage Extensions

(1) Knowledge of Accident

It is hereby understood and agreed that knowledge of an accident by the agent, servant, or employee of the insured shall not in itself constitute knowledge by the insured, unless the insured shall have received such notice from its agent, servant, or employee.

(2) Notice of Accident

It is further agreed that failure of any agent, servant, or employee of the insured (other than the insured) to notify the company of any accident of which he/she has knowledge shall not invalidate the insurance afforded by this policy as respects the named insured.

(3) Unintentional Errors or Omissions

Coverage afforded by this policy shall not be invalidated or affected by any inadvertent errors, omissions, or improper descriptions of premises, elevators, or other descriptions mentioned in this policy.

(4) Broadened Named Insured Wording

These coverages will automatically apply to “. . . any affiliated, associated, allied or subsidiary company or entity (including subsidiaries thereof), now held or hereinafter acquired or constituted . . .”

(5) Liability Waiver of Subrogation

Carrier agrees that it shall accept no rights of subrogation against any grossly negligent employee or executive officer of any named insured.

(6) Voluntary Workers’ General Liability

The word “insured” has been amended to include these individuals for General Liability coverages.