Most people facing retirement are concerned about many of the following financial issues:

  • The return of their principal (as opposed to the return ontheir principal).
  • The low return on their CD’s and other financial instruments due to low interest rates.
  • Whether or not they will outlive their money.

What would you say if you could find a way to:

  • Guarantee (and increase) the level of your income?
  • Provide better interest rates?
  • Guarantee you will not outlive your money?

There is such a vehicle — annuities! A word of caution, however — annuities must be selected very carefully.You need to be sure to choose companies with high ratings, good interest rate renewal histories, and long term experience in providing annuities. You should work with a professional financial advisor to choose an annuity that fits your current financial profile and future economic needs.

Different types of annuities have different features and long-term benefits. For example, a split annuity may make more sense than a single life annuity. We have developed annuity programs designed to:

  • Provide a higher guaranteed level of income for your lifetime.
  • Credit you with higher-than-market-level interest rates.
  • Guarantee you will never outlive your money.