Automobile Accidents and No Insurance

If you don’t have Personal Automobile insurance — perhaps because you use a company vehicle — you have a number of possible uninsured exposures.

For example, you may be without protection in any of the following situations:

  • If you borrow someone else’s car.
  • If you rent a car.
  • If you are injured while using a borrowed or rented car — whether you’re the driver or passenger.
  • If you suffer a loss of income as a result of injury while using a borrowed or rented car — whether you’re the driver or passenger.
  • If a member of your family (spouse,child, etc.) is involved in any of the above-mentioned situations.
  • If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.
  • If you are driving a company-owned/-insured car with a “fellow employee” as passenger.
  • If you are subject to any of these exposures, it may be both easy and economical to obtain coverage. In many cases, the purchase of Personal Automobile insurance is not necessary, assuming you don’t own or “long-term” lease a vehicle.
  • In addition, if you don’t give adequate, repeat warning of these exposures to your employees that have company vehicles, and urge the possible need for Personal Automobile insurance, you might be held liable for their uninsured accidents! Furthermore, this “error” or “omission” would not be covered under your Commercial Automobile policy.
  • If any of this information applies to you, please call us to explain your particular circumstances so we can determine what needs to be done to correct this situation for you.