Term Life Insurance

Recently, long-term, level premium (i.e., guaranteed rate) term life insurance has become the popular form of life insurance and it’s never been more affordable! However, your broker needs to know the insurance carriers extremely well to determine who offers the best rates in any given situation.

When shopping for life insurance, you should look for insurance companies with high ratings and products with long guarantee periods and various rate classifications. Some carriers are allowing recent insureds to increase their benefits with no further medical exams or blood or urine tests.

We have both the experience and expertise to guide you in choosing the term insurance program that would be best for you. We represent all of the major insurance providers and can guarantee you the lowest rates. Because we are constantly reviewing the life insurance marketplace, we are able to find the greatest value for your life insurance premium dollar — and we may be able to save you hundreds of dollars beyond what you are currently paying for your existing life insurance!