X, C, and U Exclusions

Explosion (“X”) Hazard

Includes property damage rising out of blasting or explosion.

Collapse (“C”) Hazard

Includes structural property damage and property damage to any other property rising out of the following:

  • Grading of land, excavating, burrowing, filling or back-filling, tunneling, pile driving, or coffer dam or caisson work.
  • Moving, shoring, underpinning, razing, or demolition of any building or structure.

Underground (“U”) Damage

Includes damage to wires, conduits, pipes, mains, sewers, tanks, tunnels, or any similar property beneath the surface of the ground or water caused by and occurring during the use of mechanical equipment for the purpose of grading land, paving, excavating, drilling, burrowing, filling, back-filling, or pile driving.